About Us

Website solutions that work for your business, not the other way around.

Dane Digi was started to help businesses get the web presence they need, whether you’re established or just starting your business, Dane Digi specializes in providing customized solutions using web development for your business.

We’re passionate about technology and its development and believe that everyone should have access to quality web services. As such, we strive to make sure that all projects run smoothly and efficiently without sacrificing design or functionality.

Meet the Owner

My journey in web development started in 2017 at P-Knot Industries. I started there as an intern for a one-man business which meant i did anything and everything, including teaching myself web development to run P-Knot’s website.

From there I continued learning and branching out on my own, nowadays I find the most joy working with small businesses to help them find solutions that don’t break the bank and provide to the most value. 

The owner of Dane Digi, sitting at a desk, working on a website on the computer


Over 7 years of experience working with business of all sizes, from the bakery on the corner to biotech companies who raised millions of dollars.


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Industry expert

I have almost exclusively worked in WordPress and Elementor, building on top of them like custom plugins or widgets.

Our Process


  • Initial Discovery Meeting
  • Project Proposal
    • Deliverables
    • Timeline
    • Cost
  • Project Contract

Every project starts with a discovery meeting where we go over the specific needs and goals of your business. From there you will receive a proposal that breaks down all deliverables, a timeline, and pricing for you to approve. Once approved you’ll receive a contract to sign and the next phase begins!

What to expect:


In this step we’ll begin the building the project. We start with collecting any content necessary for your site. This includes any images, icons, copy (text), and anything else necessary to build your site. From there, we’ll create mockups of your site pages for you to review and approve. Using those mockups we’ll build the actual site and add any functionality like contact forms or payment gateways. 

  • Content Collection – photos, text, etc.
  • 2-3 Home Page Designs
    • Walkthrough explaining design choices
    • Feedback/Revision
  •  Design Interior Pages
    • Feedback/Revision
  • Build Website

What to expect:

What to expect:

Before we launch your site we’ll test everything to make sure it’s all working as intended. If applicable, You’ll be provided with training on how to use your new site, this training may be live or through training materials (video/documents) depending on what was agreed upon in the contract. If you signed up for a maintenance plan we’ll go over exactly what is covered by your tier. 

  • Review Site
    • Test all links, forms, buttons, payment gateways, etc. 
  • Receive Training/Tutorial materials
  • Review Maintenance Plan